City Services & Government

Camanche City Council

Trevor Willis -; home phone - 563-259-4425

Marvin Lind - cell phone - 563-212-0539

Amber Metzger -; cell phone - 563-593-5323

Jay Saxon -; cell phone - 563-249-1096
Paul Varner- home phone 563-259-9414; cell phone - 563-212-7492

William Wruck -; cell phone - 563-249-9857

Council Meetings

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month
6:00 p.m.
Camanche City Hall
818 7th Avenue


Click Here to download current and past Minutes and Agendas

Boards & Commissions

Library Board - 1st Wednesday of Month
Chair: Ron Emerson
Linda Foster, Abijah Morgan, Gary Haines, Phyllis Pichon

Parks & Recreation - 1st Monday of the Month
Chair: Judith Dell

Russell Steen, Jerry Eckrich, Chris Langfitt, Eddi Stearns
Board of Adjustment - 4th Tuesday of the Month as needed
Chair: Mike McDanel
Frank Grage,  Pamela Hoag, Elaine Everhart, Mary Ann Lambert

Historical Board - 1st Thursday of Month
Chair: Christine Leslie
Donna Current, Julia Leonard, Christine Leslie, Ruth Evans, Kris Melenbacker
Evan Weller

Cemetery Board - 2nd Monday of the Month
Chair: Karla Morgan
Ann Weibers, Russ Steen, Gary Tucker, Greg Nelson

Planning & Zoning - 2nd Tuesday of Month as needed
Chair: Ray Gruver
 Yvonne Henn, Melvin Albrecht, Tammy Johnson, Chris Sheridan, Bob Duncan, Josh Johnson
Civil Service - meets as needed
Chair: Jon Lee
Grant Henry, Tammy Johnson